Wednesday, July 5

Good Morning!!!

Posted by Leah

Good Morning, Everyone!! Hope you're having a good start to your days. I have been in the Word this morning. I spent some time reading from my devotional by Joni Eareckson Tada, A Spectacle of Glory. The one this morning really touched me on so many levels. I mean seriously, how often do we allow distractions to interrupt us and keep us from doing the things we ought to be doing. This here is the devotional...

July 5  Psalm 25:15

It's difficult enough trying to grab a quiet few minutes with God and His Word. But sometimes it feels like you're running through an obstacle course of distractions to get there. You head toward your Bible or the Bible app on your iPad, but find yourself checking Facebook first. Or the headlines. Or the latest sports scores. Or something totally unrelated to anything! Or maybe you think a cup of coffee will help your concentration, which leads to a snack ---and before you know it, the time has flown and you have to move into your day without seeking the Lord.

  Life has always been full of distractions. But we truly need to connect with the Lord and His Word every day. That's why today's Scripture gives such an effective reminder when distractions keep sidetracking us. "My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare." If we keep our eyes on Him, He won't allow us to become tripped up or entangled in trivialities.

Amen, Lord! I have spent too much time filling my mind with worthless distractions and the empty ways of this temporary world. Turn my heart! Draw my attention. Rule my heart. I need to spend time in Your presence, feeling Your nearness and listening to Your voice. 

There's so much in there to chew on today.   I know this will keep my focus on His Word.  Thanks for stopping by today!!! 
Grace & Peace,

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