Thursday, August 24

Jesus, I Need You: Honest Prayers from a Trusting Heart Book Review

Posted by Leah

Hi Everyone! I was given this book for review. The opinions are my own. I was not directed to write the review a certain point of view. I found this devotional to be a nice compliment to my Bible and morning devotions. I found that they were laid out by topics. I liked there was a short devotional reading and questions at the end to make you think about what you just read. There was also a writing area that you can write out a prayer; write about the devotional that you just read. I filled mine out in a notebook so that if I wanted to share the book I could do so without sharing personal thoughts and things I would have written in the book. I must say that the book left me with much to ponder. I also did share some of the questions that made you think with some friends as they brought up things to me that I recalled what I read. I shared with them and they started thinking about what I had said. I also directed them to where they could purchase the book. I will also add that this would be a nice gift for a family member, family friend, a secret sister at church. Thanks. 

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