Thursday, August 24

The Master's Bouquet and more book review

Posted by Leah

Good morning, everyone! I am writing to review this book of poems. I found them to be Biblical based; scripture was given at end of the poems. There were many poems for different subjects so it was nice to be able to read for subjects you were interested in. There was some artwork within the book that family drew. While I liked the poems there were some not so much. I feel it depended upon the subject of what the poem was about. The poem about her Father reminded me of the poem I wrote about my Dad who is now in heaven. I had to read the poem again. This book is good just for an afternoon read or maybe at bedtime reading to relax before retiring for the night. I was able to share a couple of the poems with a friend that was struggling with a few things. I was given a copy of this to review. The opinions and thoughts are my own. I was not influenced to write a review to one or another opinion. They are now looking for the book to purchase. I couldn't share or give my copy to my friend because I have the digital copy. 

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