Saturday, November 25

Book Review - Worry Less Live More by Robert J. Morgan

Posted by Leah

Greetings, Everyone!! I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately. This was my latest read. I have read Robert Morgan's book The Red Sea Rules; this one is a good follow up to that book. I cannot wait to get to his next book.  I found in reading the book there were many good points to share with friends. I have a few friends that are feeling discouraged and I was able to share some of these with them. I also came across some points that made me laugh, but at the same time ponder on them thinking how many times do we do this. How many times are we hung up on things that we cannot move forward and allow things to upset us? Here is one of those points. I will share with you. A paragraph from chapter 2. The paragraph opened up with the verses from I Peter 3:3-4. Look at those words,”a gentle...spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight." According to Apostle Peter, this is true elegance and it's the way we make ourselves appealing to others, to the world, and to the Lord. When I was a boy, my parents both schoolteachers, sometimes took me to Knoxville, Tennessee for educational conferences and we always stayed downtown at the Farragut Hotel, next to the S&W Cafeteria. One year my elderly grandparents accompanied us, and during supper my grandfather, Clifton Palmer, grew agitated. Turning to my Mom, he said"An old man across the room keeps scowling at me." We all looked, of course. The opposite wall was lined with mirrors and my grandfather had been looking at no one but himself. I will be passing this book to a few friends to read and will be adding it to my resource library. 

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