Tuesday, November 28

Dinosaur on the prowl

Posted by Leah

Greetings Everyone! I have been busy again with things. I really enjoy making things for our Pastor's son. He's a great child. I love his energy. When I had this dinosaur cut for him and brought it to church soon as he spotted me he came running when I held up the dino. Pastor and I laughed at his excitement running up the center aisle of the church. I just love his enthusiasm.  When he makes requests I enjoy making them for him.  The second picture here my son thought it was funny since Jurassic Park was on television to place the dino over the logo to give it some creepy eyes.

Dinosaur (Prehistoric Party):

Dimensions 11" x 6.8"


Dark Gray
Light Brown
Medium Brown


I chose the size than the colors according to what was requested. I have a few projects in the works. I will be getting those made and posted as soon as I can. 

Grace & Peace,


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