Wednesday, November 15

NKJV Unapologetic Study Bible

Posted by Leah

Greetings Everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day. I was so excited to get this new resource  to add to my library. I am always looking for the next resource to add. I love to get books and Bibles to read. I do sometimes pass the Bible’s on if someone I know needs one or I feel like giving it to someone as a gift or donating it to the church for someone there. This came in and I had to dig right in. I can tell you the font size was nice and easy on the eyes. The words of Christ are in red as well. I like this feature and sometimes I like to figure out on my own when Christ is talking. There are some reference notes at the bottom of some pages directing you to other scriptures or explaination of what’s in the current verse you are reading. Also there are articles throughout the Bible some I wasn’t to sure about , but then some had insight that I didn’t know. There were some indexes in the back one being a topical one. I overall do think it’s a good resource. I will be reading it over more. 

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