Thursday, February 8

Stronger Than The Struggle Book Review

Posted by Leah
Good Afternoon Everyone! Hope you're having a great day. I have yet another book review for you.  This book was given to me to review the opinions are my own. I chose this book to review because I was reading a series of books that fell into this topic and thought I could pull some gems from it which I was indeed able to. This book left me refreshed. It was just what I needed. The book left me with inspiration, laughter and practical advice that I could apply to my life. I know it changed my perspective on faith. I am stronger in faith. I have fought many battles with my bone disease and thought at times this was the end, but God showed me it wasn't and friends placing certain books in my hands also helped me along this tough journey. I was so blessed to be able to review this book as well. This book also helped me and gave the tools to go to battle. Even though the war has already been won we still have to fight daily. I love books that are hard to put down and this was one of those books. I will read it again. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Grace & Peace,

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