Friday, June 29

Anne Graham Lotz The Daniel Key Book Review

Posted by Leah

 Good Morning Everyone! I wanted to bring you the review of this book by Anne Graham Lotz, The Daniel Key. When I read this I felt that it would be very similar to a book I read by Robert J Morgan. I found that to be correct in ways. Daniel was honored by God, protected and trusted. His faith did not waiver from those who were against him, serving new kings in power, or even confronting hungry lions. How can you have the kind of faith Daniel had? Daniel made 20 key choices in his life. Those choices took him down a path to a closer relationship with the Lord. Also godly living to all around him. Daniel's choices can be our choices. There was a story that struck me in a powerful way. The story was about crossing Niagara Falls. Oh, this is a mighty trek for sure. However, this had a different plot twist to it. The tight rope walker made it across the falls. He then was going to attempt to push a wheelbarrow across. He asked do you think I can do that? The crowd cheered him on with great confidence that he could do it. Then the tight rope walker asked if anyone would volunteer to ride in the wheelbarrow across the falls. There were none. The tight rope walker explained that faith is more than just words. Faith is action. How quick are you going to show and act on your faith-or are you just going to be one of words? I will be one with faith in action. 

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