Thursday, October 4

Let the fun roll...Book Review : Simple Joys by Candace Payne

Posted by Leah

Hi Everyone!! I just want to take a quick moment of your time with this book review. I received Simple Joys by Candace Payne. I was not familiar with her, then when I looked up "Chewbacca Mom" and the video that I saw with it oh my goodness my sides split. I was laughing out loud over the video. I dug into the book after watching the video and was very blessed with what I read and also appreciated the thought-provoking questions that Candace put there with journalling space so that we could respond to them was great. I also want to ask have you ever struggled with discontent? Have you been overwhelmed and struggled with being happy? I know at times I have been overwhelmed and struggled with putting that smile on so that no one around me knew I was overwhelmed or struggling. When I change the perspective and find the simple joys, the time of overcoming something that seemed maybe impossible or that I wouldn't. I think of how I felt when I did. Being able to smile, face the next day with a smile, face the days with laughter just really changes your perspective. After reading Candace's book it reminded me again to keep looking for the joy, the simple joy in things around me. I would recommend this book as a gift or one to add to your own personal library.

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