Thursday, November 8

Overcomer by Dr David Jeremiah book review

Posted by Leah
I must say that this has been a great book to review. The opinions I will give are my own. A point that was brought out was about getting quiet before the Lord. How many times have you sat down to spend time with the Lord and have the music playing maybe the TV is on or just noise around you? I have and the time isn’t as quality time as it can be. When I get quiet and I begin then it’s as though the Lord adds His own way of keeping us focused that we think of or maybe hear music and continue to be focused. There were so many other things that jumped at me. When he spoke about David and Goliath. You really saw the sides of each of them. Goliath was more of size, shout, and sight. David was more of conviction, confidence and courage. You can see immediately between the two which you’d want to be. I would rather the heart of David, heart of conviction to keep me focused on the Lord, heart of confidence that I can do as the Lord has called me to do. The courage to not doubt, but to remain in Him and focused on what He has called me to do. 

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