Friday, February 1

Taste and See Book Review

Posted by Leah
The book opens to speak on hospitality and friendships being grown. How just a simple invitation, open door can be an opportunity that blesses you more than you realize. Especially when you may be grumbling on the inside. You leave satiated in belly and heart. God is intentional in each visit - each gathering. He uses these times to uncover a deep need and satiate a deep hunger. Where God could meet us and fill our hearts. God isn’t waiting for one particular season in the distant future to yield fruitfulness in our lives. He’s working throughout every season and every harvesting cycle. I enjoyed trying the different recipes within the book as well. Jesus tells his disciples and us today: We are agents of preserving. God has placed us in this culture, in this time, in this moment, in this slice of history, to preserve the ways, the teachings, the life, the power, the presence of Christ. This book made me feel like I wanted to have friends and others over so that we could connect, talk, eat together, build friendships with one another. 

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