Friday, March 1

The Wiersbe Study Bible Review

Posted by Leah

Good morning Everyone!! I wanted to share with you this great resource. I have been enjoying this study Bible. I have a bone disease that limits my hands from lifting heavy things at times. Rather than risking fractures I chose this in ebooks form. I love it because now I have it on the go wherever I go no matter where or what I am doing I always have God’s Word right there with me at all times. The extras as the maps are gloriously done, very detailed. The charts, the preaching outlines while I am not a Pastor they’d be a nice help maybe if you were to give to a Pastor. The concordance and catalyst notes is another great resource. I found there were many different questions and they were answered with scripture. I know many may think a Bible is a Bible, but my Bible is my life. I highly recommend this Bible to friends and family. Thanks for reading. 

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